Halloween Safety

Halloween is a time for fun and treats.  It is also a time when children and parents must be careful and think safety first.  To reduce the chances of accidents, and to avoid mishaps, follow these safety tips:


Makeup is safer than a mask, since it does not impede vision or hearing.  If a mask must be used, ensure that there are ample eye, nose and mouth openings.  It is important for the child to see properly in all directions, and also breathe and speak without trouble.

Costumes should fit properly, they should not be too tight or restrictive.  If they are too long or loose, they can cause your child to trip or get caught in branches or other obstacles.  Strips of reflective tape or reflective vests will make any costume easier to be seen.  For added visibility and fun, attach a flashlight to their costume!

Trick or Treat bags should be sturdy enough to hold a good night's loot.  There's nothing worse than to be heading home when the bag breaks, dropping candy or soiling and losing it!!

Once the children arrive home safely, parents should verify their treats before they can be eaten.  It is a good idea to give kids a snack before they head out, making them less likely to eat any of their candy on the way.

Going Out At Night

Make sure your kids have change in their pocket in case they need to phone you.  No young person should trick or treat alone, even the older ones.  It is more fun and safer to travel with a group of friends.  Younger children should be in the care of someone older and reliable, such as a parent.  Parents can dress up too!

The children should always stick to well-lit streets and homes where the lights are on.  It is important that kids not get so excited that they forget traffic safety and then dash across the streets.  They should stay on the sidewalk, and cross only at intersections.  Always obey the lights and always look both ways, even if it IS Halloween!  Trick or treat on one side of the street at a time, and avoid running back and forth across the street.  This way you can go to more houses in less time too!

Know the route that the children will take, and go over it with them.  Set a time for them to return home.  Tell them not to get off track, and not to go with strangers or go into anyone's homes.  It is best that the parents and children know where homes are in the area where friends or relatives live in case they need help.  And have a spook-tacular time!!

Here's a few Halloween jokes:

Q:  Why was Dracula glad to help young vampires?
A:    He liked to see new blood in the business!

Q:    what is a ghost's favourite song?
A:    "A Haunting We Will Go..."

Q:    Why is it interesting to study mummies?
A:    Because you can get so wrapped up in them!

Q:    What did the monster say after the evil scientist cloned him?
A:    Nothing!  He was beside himself!

Q:    What would you get if you crossed a vampire with a mummy?
A:    Either a flying bandage or a gift wrapped bat!

Q: Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party?
A: He had no body to dance with.

Q: What is a ghosts favorite ride at the midway?
A: A roller ghoster!!

Q: What is a Mummies' favorite type of music?
A: Wrap!

Q: What is a vampire's favorite holiday?
A: Fangsgiving.

Q: What kind of street does a ghost like best?
A: A dead end.

Q: Who does a ghoul fall in love with?
A: His ghoul friend.

Q: What do you call a dog owned by Dracula?
A: A blood hound.

Q: How can you tell when windows are scared?
A: They get shudders.

Q: How do monsters tell their future?
A: They read their horrorscope...

Q: What does a ghost call his Mom?
A: His trans-parent!

Hotel clerk to witch:  "Would you like a broom with a view......?"

One witch to another witch:  "I want one of those new computers that has a spell checker"