The Owen Sound Police Service is a proactive community based organization constantly applying new and creative methods of crime prevention.  Our mission is to work as community partners in addressing crime within our city.  Officers are encouraged to find and apply crime prevention when addressing concerns of our community.

In 2003, the theft from unlocked motor vehicles was identified as a quality of life issue for citizens of and visitors to our community.  The vast majority of these thefts were opportunistic in nature and preventable had the motor vehicles been locked.  In an effort to reduce this form of crime, which was largely occurring at community events at major city owned facilities, and free up officers for other calls for service, the Owen Sound Police Service identified a simple and highly effective method to address this issue – the Stop And Lock program.

A sticker was created which was applied to the glass doors of major city owned buildings.  The principal was to remind people to lock their vehicle at an early stage whereby they were still close enough to their vehicle so as to return and lock it.  The more those vehicles were being locked, the fewer thefts from vehicles would occur.

The Owen Sound Police Service is pleased to state that with the co-operation of the community, the number of thefts from vehicles at these events has declined in subsequent years.  The stickers are currently being expanded to include other areas of the community such as downtown businesses, who have applied them to their glass doors.

Anyone wishing further information on how to obtain stickers for their business or on how to implement this form of crime prevention in their community is welcome to contact the Owen Sound Police Service.