In 2005 a fee structure was developed for individuals/agencies and corporations requesting information, reports and security clearances or other services not ordinarily provided by police services.

As a result an Owen Sound Police Service Board By-Law No 2005-09 A By-Law to Establish Administrative Fees for Services Provided by the Owen Sound Police Service was passed. The information outlined below is the fee schedule that is currently in place.



Occurrence Reports$50.00
Motor Vehicle Accidents


Statements - Motor Vehicle Accidents$50.00/statement
Witness Statements$50.00/statement
Motor Vehicle Accidents Reconsruction$1070.00
Digital Images$10.00
Images Provided on CD$25.00
Accompanying Contact Sheet: 
Images on Plain Paper: 4x6 (Per Image)$15.00
                                    5x7 (Per Image)$20.00
                                    8 x10 (Per Image)$25.00
Images on Photo Paper: 4x6 (Per Image)$20.00
                                     5x7 (Per Image)$25.00
                                     8x10 (Per Image)


Photographs: First Five Prints$25.00
                     Each Additional Print$5.00/per photograph
Audio Tape (Plus search time if applicable)$40.00 + hr rate for search
Video Tape$55.00
Transcript (Typewritten)$8.00/page
Fingerprints: Civil (Processing Visa, etc)$25.00
Police Clearance Certificate$50.00
Screening for Volunteers (Those not volunteering or residing inside the City of Owen Sound)As per Ministry Policy $25.00
Screening for Employment$50.00
File Closure$25.00
Officer InterviewsHourly 1.5 Rate - Minimum 4 hours (Contractual minimum)
Paid DutyHourly 1.5 Rate including benefits + 20% admin fee