Police Services Board

Meeting Dates

Public meeting 0900 hours, 2nd floor meeting room


Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Wednesday, January 18

Wednesday, February 22

Wednesday, March 22

Wednesday, April 24

Wednesday, May 24

Wednesday, June 28

Wednesday, September 27

Wednesday, October 25

Wednesday, November 22

Mission Statement

The Police Services Board for the City of Owen Sound shall strive to provide policing services in accordance with the principals as defined in the Police Services Act (Bill 105) Section 1 and shall accept as its responsibility those duties which are defined under the Police Services Act.  The Board is comprised of the following members:

Ian Boddy, Board Member/Mayor


Garth Pierce, Chair Board Member/Provincial Appointee


Brian O'Leary, Board Member/Councillor


Bill Twaddle, Board Member/Community Representative


Kelly Jo Krampien, Board Administrative Assistant



Important Links


Owen Sound Police Services
Web Site address - www.owensoundpolice.com E-mail info@owensoundpolice.com

OACP (Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police)
Web Site address - www.oacp.on.ca E-mail - oacp@oacp.on.ca

OAPSB (Ontario Association of Police Services Boards)
Web Site address - www.oapsb.com E-mail - oapsb@oapsb.com