Amber Alert Program

Amber Alert Program

AMBER Alert is a voluntary co-operative program between law enforcement agencies and local broadcasters. We form a unique partnership in saving children's lives by issuing urgent alerts to the general public in the case of child abductions.

History:  In 1996 the kidnapping of 9 yr-old Amber Hagerman in Arlington, Texas made the community come together and think of innovative ways in which to make their community a safer place for their children. The answer to their question was the AMBER Alert.

Media:  When there is a confirmed case of a child abduction the police notify their local broadcast stations and supply them with all known information on the child, their abductor and any vehicle involved. The broadcaster then activates the emergency broadcast system just as they would in a severe weather situation and notifies the public as to the abduction. The police and the child now have thousands of sets of eyes trying to assist them in saving the child's life and apprehending their abductor.

Our Role: The Owen Sound Police have entered into agreements with local broadcasters to ensure that if an abduction was to take place in Owen Sound that together they would have the best tools available to ensure the swift and safe return of that child. Recent activations of the AMBER Alert in Ontario have resulted in the safe return of abducted children. The Owen Sound Police Service participates as an active partner in the AMBER Alert program. Officers and civilian staff ensure that when an activation of an AMBER Alert takes place the information is handled in the most efficient manner possible.

Community Partners: If you hear an AMBER Alert on a radio or television program please listen carefully to all the information given. Keep your eyes and ears open; you could be the difference between a very happy or very tragic ending to an abduction. The children of our community are depending on help from people just like you. In the event an AMBER Alert is activated, all the information of the abduction including victim and suspect description and the description and licence plate of any vehicle used in the abduction can be found on the Owen Sound Police Service web site , Twitter and Facebook.

People Matter: If you observe any persons or vehicles that are mentioned during an activation of an AMBER Alert immediately contact your local police service or dial 911. Give the call taker your location and what you have witnessed; the police may need to contact you for further details.

The Owen Sound Police are dedicated to making our great city a safe and enjoyable place for our children to grow up. With your help, together, we can help a child if an abduction takes place.

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