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KIDS Program

About KIDS

The Owen Sound Police Service KIDS program has been designed to target the subject areas most requested by educators and most needed by youth in our communities, from a policing perspective. The six main subject areas – Youth and the Law, Peer to Peer Relationships, Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Online and Social Media Awareness, Bullying and Mental Health Awareness – couldn’t be of greater importance as discussion topics in our classrooms.

SO… What is KIDS?

The acronym KIDS stands for:

  • Knowledge – What do our children need to know?
  • Issues – What do our children need to talk about?
  • Decisions – How do our children make smart choices?
  • Support – Where do our children go for help?

Throughout the 10 week program the students learn about a lot of interesting topics and do a lot of fun things like yelling in class so loud that the whole school can hear, seeing and touching a real pig’s lung to learn about the effects of smoking on our bodies, learning about different laws and they watch some pretty cool videos.

Purpose of KIDS:

  • To connect police with the kids in the community that we work in
  • To reduce victimization by exploring options for help
  • To encourage smart decision making and to prevent crime

KIDS Curriculum Includes:

  • Youth & The Law
  • Peer to Peer Relationships
  • Online & Social Media Awareness
  • Tobacco, Alcohol & Drug Awareness
  • Bullying
  • Mental Health Awareness